Saturday, 29 April 2017

Ao No Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) Cartoon Drama Serial Review

The world is full of so much attraction. Bollywood world is one of the ultimate attractions to world. Ao no Exorcist 2 Cartoon Drama Serial is disclosing the dark side of this attractive world. The general concept that comes in mind with notion of celebrities is that they are living and enjoying the damn fascinating lie. The pomp and show explicit from their appearances makes everyone to dream living that life of them. The Bollywood is full of so much fascination within it that appeals the Bollywood viewers strongly. 

Yeah, it is fascinating but the fascination is not without its dark shadows. The ills of Bollywood are far dreadful than of your imaginations. It is true that appearance can be misleading. Well, Ao no Exorcist 2 Cartoon Drama Serial (Kissanime) is an attempt to show up that face of Bollywood, which you might, not aware of before. Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) is an ultimate treat including crime, horror, glamour and mystery. Do not miss watching it.

Ao No Exorcist 2 Cartoon Drama Serials Cast And Credits

Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) cast is starring Dillzan Wadia (Vishal), Mushtaq Khan (Benkuthnath Chattopadhya), Arun Bakshi (Satendrasingh Butta), Sonam Arora (Bindiya), Jenifer D’Soza (Diana), Christie Bourcq (Item Girl), Prakash Tiwari (Babu), Deepak Bhatia (Shivam), Russi Wadia (Wickey Malhotra), Pappu Polyster (Satyam), Foram Mehta (Ananya), Ravi Gadariya (Khujli) and Piyush Bhalodiya (Prafful). Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) is the production of Durgesh Paul. The same actors were in another cartoon serial Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis and they work well.

Chandersen Singh has done the direction. The music has done by Vishnu Deva. The cinematography has done by Ashok Rao whereas editing has done by Pradeep. Ao no Exorcist 2 kissanime is a presentation of Durgesh Paul Production studio.

The distribution rights have given to Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited. The music of the Cartoon Drama Serial has given by Vishnu Deva.

Synopsis For Ao No Exorcist 2 Cartoon Drama Serial

Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) is all about the hideous reality behind the dazzle of Bollywood world. The Cartoon Drama Serial presents a story about the killings of Bollywood actors working for a Cartoon Drama Serial. The strange wave of murdering spreads over the team of Cartoon Drama Serial.

Ao No Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) Story Insight

Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) starts up with the showy world of Bollywood glazed with glamorous and tantalizing stars. A team of Cartoon Drama Serialmakers is up to shooting a Cartoon Drama Serial with its crew in a villa. Right on, the very first day of shooting of this Cartoon Drama Serial a murder happens. The hero of the Cartoon Drama Serial is killed. His sudden murder alarms everyone on the set. It feels too shocking and weird. The whole crew goes under pressure of fear and sorrow.

The team continues making this cartoon drama serial. The killings becomes into series. One by one cast stars starts dying, suspiciously. The killings erupts a mysterious situation hard to asses by the cops either. Eventually, the crew and cast start doubting on each other for the awful happening. The severe conditions open up a new notion to them about the villa being spooky. The terror and horror rises with every next minute coming to them.

Ao No Exorcist 2 Review & Verdict

Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) is an amazing Cartoon Drama Serial with an interesting subject. You are going to love watching this scary sort of Cartoon Drama Serial with the spooky hints. Enjoy watching this Cartoon Drama Serial on June 13, Kissanime. Ao no Exorcist 2 (Kissanime) will make you to stick to it until the mystery solved.